Plane Spotting

Plane Spotting is Fastest growing Worldwide hobby. Aircraft spotting or plane spotting is the observation and logging of the registration numbers of aircraft: gliders, powered aircraft, balloons, airships, helicopters, and microlights.

Or we can say “Plane spotters are the bird watchers of the aviation world. We mostly look out for registration of aircraft just like bird watchers note down species”.

Aircraft spotting, also known as plane spotting, is a popular pastime worldwide. As a hobby, it brings a number of enjoyable elements for the participant, including getting outdoors, making meticulous observations, “collecting” without creating clutter, having a good excuse to use your really fancy digital camera equipment, and finding a great way to get together with like-minded enthusiasts. The activity itself is generally free, although if you join a club, and buy all the related goodies, there may be some costs involved.Aircraft spotters have an eye for detail, and are keen to find out as much as possible about aircraft. If you’re keen about planes, flying, facts, and you remain constantly amazed by the ingenuity of human ability at getting a great tin bird up into the sky, aircraft spotting may just be the perfect hobby for you!


Source: Plane Spotters India