Global Aviation Highlights – 2017

Safest Year in History of Passenger Travel
According to study by Aviation experts and analysts, the year 2017 has been marked as one of the safest years in the history of air travel. There were no passenger jet crashes reported in the year but the year did have a few propeller airplane crash. The year did have a loss of 35 lives being reported when a Turkish Boeing 747 freighter belonging to ACT Airlines overshot the runway in Bishek and ended up in a village.

End of an Era – Air Berlin and Monarch
October 2017, Air Berlin and Monarch dissolved its operations and thus blew up the Aviation markets in Europe. The collapse of Germany’s second largest airline Air Berlin, opened markets for other carriers like Lufthansa, TUI, Easy Jet etc. in Europe. The airline had been receiving cash from Etihad who invested around 29% back in the year 2011. UK’s Monarch Airlines collapsed leaving 860,000 passengers stranded and a team 2000 staff unemployed. The airline is likely to have been a slave of the Brexit, terrorism and intense competition.

Farewell of Boeing 747 by United and Delta
The last flight of United’s Boeing 747-400 had received great enthusiasm and fanfare by Aviation geeks from across the globe. The last scheduled flight took off from San Francisco to Honolulu on November 7, 2017. Meanwhile, the final flight of Delta Airlines’ Boeing 747 wasn’t as pumped-up with joy as the flight had to be shifted to a different date from the planned one.

Shaesta Waiz completes her world-tour
Shaesta Waiz became the youngest woman to complete a round the world trip with a single engine airplane. Waiz took off from Daytona Beach International Airport on May 13, 2017, completed this trip and landed back at the same airport on October 4, 2017. This trip was basically to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and to encourage more women to take up flying as a profession. The Dream Soars organization founded by Waiz also aims at providing scholarships to young minds to enable them pursue their careers.

Cancellations hit Ryanair passengers
After a pilot roistering error, Ryanair had to scrap thousands of flights keeping around 700,000 passengers stranded during the peak travel season. The error had been due to more pilots taking holiday during the winters than anticipated. It is also expected that the airline may face legal issues of the cancellations that were made during the peak holiday season.

Qatar Airways being hit by Middle-east countries
Countries including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Bahrain, Maldives, Mauritius and Libya had sever ties with Qatar which led to Saudi Arabia seizing all the land, air and sea operations with Qatar and UAE closing its airports and harbors for Qatar. With immediate effect, airlines such as Emirates, Etihad, FlyDubai etc. cancelled all its flights to and from Qatar. Not just this, Qatar airways had also been hit by the laptop ban along with the airspace freezeout creating a hard battle for the carrier in the Global markets.

Uncontrolled power of supply leads to mayhem
Over 75,000 passengers were left stranded as the flights had been cancelled over an “uncontrolled return of power” causing the system failure of British Airways. The airline had reported physically damaged data servers at its data centre and had costed the airline a 100 million GBP of losses.

Dubai Air Show, a game changer for Global Aviation
Dubai Air Show 2017 held at Dubai’s DWC Airport has been a game changer for airlines and aircraft manufacturers. With orders worth billions of dollars, the aviation industry has seen a major push in terms of market expansions and employment. A few highlights include the orders of Dreamliners by Emirates, MAX by FlyDubai, A320NEOs by Wizz Air, A320NEOs by IndiGo and many more.

Airbus and Bombardier Team up for C Series
French aircraft manufacturer Airbus and Canadian manufacturer Bombardier join hands and team up for the C series aircraft program. Airbus has acquired majority stake in the C Series Aircraft Limited partnership and together will be bringing up the 100-150 seat airplane aiming to manufacture 6000 such units.

World’s largest amphibian aircraft takes-off
Chinese manufactured AG600, World’s largest amphibian aircraft made its maiden flight on December 24, 2017. With the maximum takeoff weight of approximately 117,700 pounds, the aircraft has already beaten its competitors. The aircraft has a range of 2,430 NM with an endurance of 12 hours and could 50 passengers for conducting sea rescue operations.

Airbus A330NEO made its test flight
The newest Airbus product, the Airbus A330NEO made its first flight on October 19, 2017 from Toulouse, France. Airbus boasts about the new product which has an improved cabin interior, quieter engines and fuel efficiency. The aircraft can carry up to 287 passengers and has a range of around 6,550 NM. The manufacturer has confirmed 212 firm orders of this airplane from airlines like Delta, Air Asia, Hawaiian and Tap Portugal.

Qatar Airways named World’s Best Airline
Qatar Airways has been named as World’s Best Airline during the Skytax Awards 2017 held in Paris during June 2017. The airline has won this award for the fourth time and has been a pick by the travelers during the Skytrax survey. The airline also won award for the World’s Best Business Class, World’s Best First Class lounge and also the Best Airline in Middle East. Along with this, the airline has also won various awards thus making it one of the most preferred airline in Asia.

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